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Taking Cuttings

Fuchsia cuttings are best taken in the spring, using fresh new growths. The ideal cutting should be about two inches in length, with two pairs of leaves and the growing tip. Trim the cuttings cleanly just below the bottom pair of leaves, remove the bottom leaves  and using a compost of equal parts peat and sharp sand insert  them in a pot, water in and cover with a plastic bag to preserve the moisture. If a seed tray is used for the cuttings, plastic domes are available in most garden shops. Cuttings normally root in two to three weeks and should then be potted up into individual pots, no larger than two inch to start with, then potted up progressively into pots one inch larger every time, when required.


To train the cuttings as Bush or Shrub remove the growing tip when the cutting is about three inches high. This will encourage the side shoots to form and grow and these too should have the growing tips removed when they have made two or three pairs of leaves. Continue to remove the growing tips until the plant takes shape, but no later than mid June as this procedure holds back flowering for up to ten weeks.


From early spring until the buds start to form use a high Nitrogen feed e.g. Chempak No 2. Once the buds start to form a change to a high potash feed such as Chempak No 4  should be made, as this helps flowering.


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